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Yiin’s decision to enter the real estate industry was informed via residency in other countries, including Asia, the United States and Canada. Also having lived in various Canadian cities broadened her view even further about the importance of place and home. As a result of these rich experiences, she has a deep appreciation and affinity for those making the important decision of moving in order to enhance their lives. That is why, nine years ago, her husband and family made the decision to move to South Oakville. It provided all of the quality of life aspects they hold dear and envision for themselves and their two children. 

As a realtor, Yiin was personally responsible for lot purchase and design for her family’s custom built home.  She worked very closely with the builder and his team and gained valuable experience and knowledge of the building process that she has now been able to pass on to her clients. Four years of real estate experience with a top brokerage firm has translated all of this keen interest, into a career.

A graduate of the University of Toronto, Yiin initially embarked on her career as a physiotherapist, and became a clinical tutor at her alma mater and a manager of two Toronto clinics. She later continued on this clinical path in New York City, as a result of a move in support of her husband, who is now a urologic cancer surgeon and associate professor at McMaster University. 

Yiin’s depth of experience and insight into working with people are key to helping them understand their needs and successfully formulate and execute a plan to achieve their specific goals. Providing this level of professional support  and the ability to impact clients lives in such a meaningful way, are the reasons Yiin chose real estate as her next career. Honesty, transparency and integrity are added to all that she does and her clients appreciate her straight talk and ability to advise on an ever changing industry and market in an informed and relatable way. 

Navigating through a real estate transaction as either buyer or seller is much easier and less stressful when dealing with a professional like Yiin, who exudes calm, competence and compassion…every time.